Sympathetic Stupid

Friday, October 13, 2006

Telstra Swims With the Fishes

Has Al Gore gained some special power that allows him to capture the corporate world's imagination? Or is he just riding the green wave as it surges over the fabled tipping point?

Yesterday it was Intrepid Travel, today it's Telstra. Or at least their Sensis subsidiary. It's been trying (and largely failing) to grab a piece of the search engine market. Yeah, competing against the Google steamroller sounds like a horrible idea to me, too.

So they're looking to sweeten the deal by appealing to your conscience - you can now search for clearer air. Every time you use the site they'll give Greening Australia some money so trees can be planted and the air improved. And they'll even do the same when you forward around the promotional email! Greening the world by polluting the internet.

Little more, really, than a bit of green-washing for the company. Good on them for trying; as I said, it's good to see it entering the corporate mindset. Doubtless it won't work though, because it's still a crap search engine. My one-second test involves searching for this blog. Google finds it number one. Sensis doesn't find it at all. Thank you and avagudweeken.