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Thursday, October 12, 2006

I Think It's His Lung

Oh God, I just found Rate Your Music - this can only be a bad thing. No human contact until I've finished rating every piece of music I own. Or have ever heard.

Intrepid Travel really really want people to see the Gore movie. No, I don't fully understand the connection either, but they'll pay your full ticket price. It's a bit token because there's a six week turnaround on getting the cash back, and because it'll be mostly the converted who hear about it. But an interesting piece of corporate activism nonetheless. (from nownow)

Saw some Fringing last night. First The Bedroom Philosopher, who was great. He sings, plays guitar, dances, tells us about his childhood; ok, nothing ground-breaking, but it's all in the execution. He's full of sharp, self-deprecating wit, and the songs are catchy and easy to grab onto even at the first listen. I'm So Over Girls even gets down deep into the heart-strings; not overly melodramatic though. A fun, engaging hour or so.

And then The Town Bikes. I guess this is almost burlesque (isn't everything round here?) but without the gratuitous sex and nudity. It's pantomime, then, but without any speaking or even much singing. So maybe it's dance, but with elaborate costume changes and spurting breasts. Performance, I guess. It's certainly an interesting show though a bit opaque, with no obvious narrative or meaning behind anything. But the performance is so high-energy and wacky that you'll get sucked in, even if you're a bit confused at the end.

You've got a couple more nights to see them so get there.

And here's an extraordinarily low-quality Ween:

[MP3- 2.7M] Ween - Mister Would You Please Help My Pony?

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