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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

A New Face for Old Dave

It turns out that Melbourne really doesn't have enough music blogs.

I mean, look at Sydney, with their surfeit of cool kids. The Sandwich Club, A Reminder, Boudist, Get Big, Little Kid, Who the Bloody Hell Are They?, O Song!, Decomposing Trees. (Disclaimer: Some of the afore-mentioned may not actually be cool.) And many others who I can't be bothered typing in the links for.

Whereas Melbourne has the estimable godfathers at and little else of global renown. This was brought to my attention, in fact, when I accused Sean at A Reminder of Sydney listing bias - which he countered by noting that there were few other Melbourne blogs to aggregate. Of course, we've got those wacky tastemaking judgmental funsters at Mess and Noise. But we need more battalions to fight back against the evil Sydney dominance of the hip online sector! (Half tongue-in-cheek. Only half.)

Taking matters into our own hands, here's something:

Across the Rooftops

It's mostly about Melbourne, mostly about music, mostly updated regularly. There's three of us. I'm one of them. Pat and Nick are the other two. Welcome to the jungle. We've got fun. And games.

But never fear, loyal readers, I'm gonna keep writing here. Dunno what it'll be about. Probably just drivel. Whereas on ATR you'll only get quality.