Sympathetic Stupid

Friday, December 15, 2006

Just One More Thing

Before I skip off to rainy, croc-infested Darwin, just a couple of little things:

The tuneglue musicmap is an unfeasibly large amount of fun. And, it's an interesting pointer to the future of a site like - users donate them such an imposing amount of data which they can use for so many tricksy purposes. Both good and deeply evil. How will this change the future of music? Not sure but probably deeply.

I've been listening to Jen Cloher and the Endless Sea. They're great. Yeah, quite similar to all the others in the current explosion of female Oz troubadours - somewhere between Bowditch and Throsby - but nevertheless endearing.

[taken down by request] Jen Cloher and the Endless Sea - The Longing Song
[taken down by request] Jen Cloher and the Endless Sea - Peaks and Valleys

Probably a bit more upbeat and country-esque than either of the two aforementioned; certainly more optimistic than Throsby. The first track here, The Longing Song, reminds me in structure and feel of Bowditch's The Thing About Grief. The second track given, Peaks and Valleys, is more in the country vein, halfway, probably, to Lucinda Williams.

Most enjoyable, and playing a gig on Saturday night. I'll be on a plane, unfortunately.

Also - one last last thing - Julian from Speak 'n' Spell is pushing hard on The Horrors bandwagon. They're releasing an EP, and to coincide with the single off it, FREE BADGES for all! Polyester and Greville St Records have them, as well as Red Eye in Sydney. Apparently no purchase required.

I'm listening to the single, Sheena Is a Parasite, right now. It's enjoyable. Upbeat and fuzzy and punky, straight outta the seventies, very catchy. A little bit like Eddy Current Suppression Ring but more hi-fi, less actual garage. I'm picking up the EP and a free badge on the way home.

[mp3 - 2MB] The Horrors - Sheena Is a Parasite