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Friday, December 01, 2006

Dappled Buzz

So Dappled Cities Fly are certified as the Next Big Thing with a whole post on the taste-making behemoth stereogum. Here's what's next: posted on YANP and IGIF, Pitchfork review, track on the OC soundtrack, intensive touring, track on indie movie soundtrack, follow-up album rushed out, backlash, drugs, backlash, marry Delta Goodrem, backlash, dissolution.

Nah, seriously, they have had a lot of buzz, and this isn't going away any time soon, with a signing to Dangerbird Records, the home of now ex-buzz band Silversun Pickups. They played at New York's ridiculous industry fest, CMJ. More importantly, though, they released an album, their second, Granddance.

There's no doubt these guys can be big; I kinda thought it was just Sydney blogger buzz (you know how those guys are) which pushed them to Number 1 on Sean's 2006 chart (a noble and well-executed endeavour, incidentally). But then I decided the wheel had turned back to indie-rock, and I went out and bought Granddance (along with Return to Cookie Mountain and the My Latest Novel album).

I've only listened to the whole thing a coupla times but this track, the opener, is over-represented in my stats:

[mp3 - ysi - 6MB] Dappled Cities Fly - Holy Chord

I'm a serious sucker for a slow build, and this one takes half the song for the drums to really kick in. It has yer indie quota of quirky cadence and pitch on the vocals and sea-shanty da-da-daing in the words. But it's the descending major chords in the last third of the song, with the euphoric vocals soaring over the top, that make it anthemic. Just can't go past an indie-rock anthem.

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