Sympathetic Stupid

Friday, November 17, 2006

Vale Candle Records

The news of the day is that it's all over for Candle Records.

('scuse the formatting after I pulled it out of the frame on the Candle site.)

Candle have been a mainstay of the Melbourne scene for, apparently, 12 years now, with that intrinsic sorta Candle sound - acoustic, intelligent, lyrical. Think of The Lucksmiths or Darren Hanlon or Ruck Rover; all coming together in supergroup The Guild League.

But Chris Crouch, the man behind the label, says "time for change", and who can argue? It can't have been easy or particularly profitable; independent labels seem more often than not fuelled by love of music, beer sucked from sticky carpet and late-night souvlaki.

I'm sure all the bands will find new homes without trouble. I just hope, from a selfish point of view, that Polyester Records has the cash to continue, as they've shared premises for many years in what seems a pretty handy symbiotic relationship. Independent record stores are only marginally less important that independent record labels.