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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Rock Me Dallas

It took exactly one song for me to be converted to the religion of Dallas Crane:

[mp3 - ysi - 5MB] Dallas Crane - Marsanne (Love Awaits You)

And here I thought Boys and Girls in America was going to be my four-four guitar drums album of the year:

[mp3 - ysi - 4MB] Dallas Crane - Two Can Play at This Game

But for straight balls-to-the-wall rock this is unbeatable. Admittedly, The Hold Steady are closer to Springsteen, while Dallas do some Led Zep and AC/DC and T-Rex - little bit glam, little bit hooky, little bit of a scream, utterly bangin'.

Marsanne is the track if you urgently need conversion. The guitars and bass intertwining in the start riff. The lung-tearing vocals. The backing vocals in chorus - Marsanne rhymes with Roxanne. And, most of all, the breakdown at about 1:50 - dropping until the drums slam you POW back into the guitar solo. I didn't feel silly at all playing air guitar to this at about 4:30 this morning in an empty radio studio. They're not ashamed of being so rock, and neither was I.

[from the Dallas Crane album Factory Girls]
[buy from sanity]