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Monday, October 09, 2006

Summer Days

I wrote a review for Halo-17, it's about the Khancoban mini-album. I liked it. Go to the site and read things there.

I've been listening to Crayon Fields. As Pat said, the name doesn't pull any punches - cute they sound and nauseatingly twee they are. Clean and pretty production, breathy falsetto harmonies, jangly guitars, ringing xylophones. Handclaps. Bells. Triangles. It adds up to the Beach Boys/Architecture in Helsinki/The Byrds thing you'd expect. The lyrics are closer to It'5 than God Only Knows - the most ridiculous bit is in Lovely Time where we get it mispronounced as "Wuvley Time".

But it's good. A bit wearing on the ears, with all the sound up in the bat realms and very little bass to balance it out. But they're hooky enough to sustain the candy pop feel, while the sensitively produced layers of instruments give them a bit of stayability. The track I've got here, Choir of Tiny Boys, opens the album with a 1:23 mission statement. If you don't like this, it's safe to say the album's not for you. And Living So Well is the standout track, a breezy, summery, poppy gem.

[MP3 - 1.3MB] Crayon Fields - Choir of Tiny Boys
[MP3 - myspace] Crayon Fields - Living So Well

[buy at good ol' Trifekta]
[the website] (watch out for the excessively cute small child)
[the myspace]