Sympathetic Stupid

Monday, October 02, 2006

Just Another Manic

Not much on today inside my brain but I did surprisingly buy some CDs. I'm especially excited about the new LP from Because of Ghosts. Also got the new full-length from My Disco - "full-length" used liberally as it's eight tracks and less than twenty-five minutes.

On Friday night, did some Fringey stuff, saw Lawrence Leung first up and he was excellent as always. I highly recommend Puzzle Boy on the next two Fridays.

Then, at the Fringe Club in the midst of the North Melbourne Town Hall, saw Keating - The Musical. Vic and I were happy since neither of us saw it when it was cool at the Comedy Festival last year, and since then it's been around Australia - this was the last one ever! It's hilarious, I remembered most of the stuff they went on about, from Keating and Hawkey, through Gareth Gareth Evans and Doctor John Hewson all the way to Howard. The bit in the middle of the show with the Fightback Rap into I Wanna Do You Slowly was the highlight, followed closely by Ruler of the Land. But the whole thing was great, despite the fact that it basically just massaged the audience's prejudices, skewing way left.

Also, Sean at A Reminder not only plugged this blog but continues to pump out quality material. The Drones cover of Cortez the Killer that he links to is pretty good, considering the high quality of the original epic. And while he does live in Sydney, he's from Canada originally, and most of the Oz bands he links to are from Melbourne, so I can forgive that.