Sympathetic Stupid

Monday, April 10, 2006

Compendium Conundrum

I'm posting because Nick said I had to. I always do what Nick says.

He's got his Roskilde ticket which is very good. We're gonna see the likes of Animal Collective, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, Sigur Ros, Morissey. Tool! (Looking forward to that album; ah, metal.) Who Made Who, Franz, Arctic Monkeys. Deftones, Coheed & Cambria, Lady Sovereign, Placebo, The Streets, Rufus Wainwright. Kanye. Dylan, Roger Waters.

Not to mention Guns 'n' Roses! Well, Axl, but possibly with Brain from Primus (a really good rock drummer), Finck from NIN, Tommy Stinson from The Replacements, Chris Pitman who played with Tool on Aenima.

Closer to home, seeing Sigur Ros Tuesday and the Mountain Goats on Wednesday. Which explains the surfeit of Mountain Goats tracks on (fanfare please) my playlist applet. Eyes right. That's it. I know it looks bad now but I might redesign and it might get better. Or not.

Yes, I know I have been and continue to be lazy. That's just the way it is right now. There's a girl. These things happen.

Not that I haven't been spending large proportions of my disposable income on CDs. One highlight has been the Because of Ghosts compilation "No More Reason, No More Doubt" (see half-finished post - oh, that's right, it was only half-finished). I've heard a bit of these guys on Delivery thanks to the erudite Owen McKern, but never seen them.

They're somewhere in the same galaxy as Sigur Ros, or the Dirty Three, or Godspeed You! Black Emperor; playing layered, adventurous music which completely avoids sounding pretentious despite its experimental tendencies. There's plenty of groove sense, with guitar lines alternately weaving through and soaring above some mercurial four-armed percussion and contrastingly solid bass. It reminds more than a little of fellow Melbourne band (the sadly defunct) Little General, though the production is more spiky; at least on this reissue of old stuff. They have a new album out real soon now, and they're playing with the respected Xiu Xiu next week. All fun.

Other recent stuff:
- At War with the Mystics: The Flaming Lips; no opinion at this point.
- Gravity Won't Get You High: The Grates; initial impression fun.
- Late Night Tales: Belle and Sebastian; impressively catholic as is the metier of the series.
- Skip to the End: Futureheads; I really like it.
- Drums and Wire: XTC; How did it take me so long to get to these guys? Helicopter's a classic. Nigel, Scissor Man, great. Ten Feet Tall, Chain of Command, Life Begins at the Hop - very little misses on this album. Magic.
- Between Last Night and Us: The Audreys; haven't listened heaps yet, but there's a lot to like in them.
- Fox Confessor Brings the Flood: Neko Case; not as impressive as Blacklisted at this point, too similar maybe?

On the list for the immediate future:
- 4: Gerling; I've loved them in the past so why shouldn't I still?
- Born Again in the USA: Loose Fur; I like most things Tweedy or Kotche.

Been on the radio a little bit as well. If you're doing nothing 2am Good Friday night, tune to RRR. Be drunk. We sound better that way.

Lastly, my bicycle and I are in love with an iRiver. Until the overlooked bus hits me right in the middle of Glosoli.