Sympathetic Stupid

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Augie March @ POW

The Prince is a great venue despite being on the wrong side of the river; lighting is consistently the best in Melbourne, it sounds pretty decent and despite being sold out, there was no shortage of great vantage points. (Unlike at the partially seated Joanna Newsom gig last year. Damn tall people.)

This gig was supposed to be a media launch/single launch which, as Glenn said, means they play for 45 minutes then go away then come back a bit later and play some more. (Also means they start at the work-friendly time of 8:45! In bed by 11pm! Rock!) So we got two sets, one of new stuff then one of old stuff.

The new stuff was all from the album:

Bottle Baby
One Crowded Hour
The Cold Acre
The Baron Of Sentiment
Mother Greer
Stranger Strange
Victoria's Secrets
Just Passing Through

Mostly Glenn on Bottle Baby, with Adam doing the vocal highlights in the chorus. Then everyone troops on and we get One Crowded Hour, to the delight of much of the crowd. I think I might have dulled the impact of this by listening to the single so much, but it's still a great track. The Baron Of Sentiment is a little bit country (it was written near where I grew up, at Nagambie!), plenty of slide and a keyboard riff stolen from Neil Young's Harvest Moon, according to Glenn. The newest ones were Stranger Strange and Victoria's Secrets, both having just the first or second run-out. Victoria's Secrets is, as Glenn said, a "metal ballad"; plenty of big crash drum fills and driving guitar chords. The whole set (after Bottle Baby) was quite uptempo and rocky, culminating of course in the utterly unsubtle Just Passing Through. Of course, there are six other tracks on the album so that shouldn't necessarily be taken as a guide to the whole thing.

Then a ten minute break, and into some old stuff:

The Keepa
Addle Brains
Rich Girl
Song In The Key Of Chance
This Train Will Be Taking No Passengers
No Such Place

Song in the Key of Chance was faster than usual, thanks to Dave - Glenn said "Dave, nice creative idea, but give us some warning". Nothing amazing about any of the tracks but played well, as always (with only a couple of mistakes in Rich Girl) and Glenn's usual dry banter between tracks. About an hour and a half all up, so very satisfying.

Sunday at the Laneway Festival will be a, um, different show, I'm betting. I'm unsure about the venue, but bring it on!