Sympathetic Stupid

Friday, February 10, 2006

Are You?

Ever complained about how your politicians don't represent your views? Who votes for them anyway? They're all duplicitous, power-hungry, incompetent dropkicks?

Well, on the rare occasion that a conscience vote comes up, you kinda owe the country some participation.

And this is an important issue - that of RU486, a drug which amongst other things can be used to perform a non-surgical abortion. (Which is only a slightly less unpleasant process, as detailed by Sean.) The bill, which just passed the Senate, removes the "special" status of RU486, so that the TGA can approve it like any other drug, instead of allowing our Health Minister, the Mad Monk, to block it.

But now it's down to the House Of Reps to consider the bill; and in order for it to be truly a Representative House, they need to know your views on the issue. GetUp has made it as easy as boiling water, just fill in this form with your postcode and email message and it'll be delivered straight to your MP. Whatever your view, you should really help these pollies make their decision. (Thanks to Amy for the link.)

Just don't get bogged down in left-right crap; the bill's sponsored by Lyn Allison (Democrat), Judith Troeth (Liberal), Fiona Nash (National) and Claire Moore (Labor). So there's a poster-girl there for any of us. (Well, when you include another supporter, Kerry Nettle from the Greens.)

And maybe consider that no other drug has this "special" status. And that abortion is actually legal in Australia. It's simply a matter of logic. If you don't believe abortion should be legal, fair enough, but that's a different debate.