Sympathetic Stupid

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Genre Illusionists

Clinkerfield are a band who are good and hard-working. And underappreciated.

At their website you can get a gander at a couple of tracks which showcase their range. Gravel Road and A House Is Not A Home, from The Silly, Serpentine Wind EP, are quiet, reflective alt-country tracks, with intelligent lyrics. Then there's Fuck Love Songs from Treason Season, a slammin' angry rock number - "I don't wanna be in a band that sings about girls/I wanna be in a band that rocks the world!" and "If you like my riffs and if you like my band/Well meet me backstage and I'll fuck you where you stand!" - while Mutual Disturbation is ponderous almost-stoner-rock.

They're coming off a big year, filled with a massive 87 gigs in 005, and three live-to-airs! This was topped by a festive season full of Melbourne rock royalty - Christmas Eve with Mick Thomas and New Year's Eve with Dave Graney. January? More of the same. Eight shows including a residence, free Wednesday nights at the Old Bar. That's right, that's tonight. Or tomorrow at the Rob Roy, Friday at the Commercial.

Support the hardest-working band in Melbourne. They reward the effort.