Sympathetic Stupid

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Khancoban @ Bar Open

Khancoban played a low-key gig at Bar Open last night. I'm not usually a set list type person but I thought I'd give it a go on my phone. Andre's quite accommodating with track names but he didn't say what the new track was called. Here 'tis:

Such A Big Sky
I Wish I Was On A Plane Somewhere
New Song?
Underneath Cold Stars
I'm Gonna Steal That Car From You
Everywhere I See The Sea
These Lines Can Be Traced
Take Me Where I Might Want To Go
Smoke And The Light
I Woke Up And I Was Here

Bar Open's a funny band venue. It used to be cramped but atmospheric, but then it became a bit too comfortable. The proliferation of couches and funny viewing angles doesn't tend to make for real excited audiences. And a long setup for the sound guy didn't help matters.

But belying this, Such A Big Sky opened the set with a bang. It's rapidly becoming my favourite live Khancoban track, though the demo recording doesn't do it full justice. It builds majestically from a simple guitar riff and distant drum line, adding golden piano to the top of the track; and then the drums kick in, the guitar starts to wail and it's moving slowly yet inexorably towards a crescendo; before disappearing back into the initial guitar riff. Last night it was topped off with some experimental big distorted guitar

The rest of the gig never quite lived up to the promise of the initial track, though. The new track sounded good though finished abruptly - needs another verse and maybe a bridge, I think. Underneath Cold Stars, another slow builder, was good. And These Lines Can Be Traced is another great track, Andre sounding very Glenn Richards which can't be a bad thing. But Everywhere I See The Sea was unusually subdued - is it getting boring? - as was Smoke And The Light. And none of the other tracks have really grabbed me yet as good live.

Shame I'll miss tonight's Empress gig, but unfortunately Joanna Newsom calls.