Sympathetic Stupid

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Khancoban @ Dante's

It's been a whole month without seeing Khancoban since I happened to catch their set at the big Clinkerfield-organised gig at the Rob Roy, and they became my new favourite Melbourne band. So they played a set at Dante's, in the lunch break of the Australian Rationalist Conference. I'd originally intended to wander in to a couple of sessions of this, but didn't feel like it on the day, so just went up for the gig.

And the guys were pretty good, despite the makeshift nature of the setup. They were squashed into a corner in the dining area, a couple of metres from the kitchen; Jemima's back was against the window, Andrew was most of the way through a door, Andre was in the way of people walking in from outside and Jen's back was inches from the diners. Added to that, they felt pressure to be kinda quiet, fueling Andre's levels fixation, and leading to restrained versions of good tracks.

But despite these caveats, it was a good gig. The band are sounding tight, probably thanks to all their rehearsing for the EP. Andre said hopefully it'll be recorded in October but is unlikely to be out until February. Hopefully once it's in the can we'll see some summer gigging. I don't know song names, except for Everywhere I See The Sea, but that's certainly an excellent tune. Andre's vocals reminded me again of Glenn Richards, which is definitely a good thing. He's got a solo show coming up, at the Empress next week, which will be interesting.