Sympathetic Stupid

Friday, August 12, 2005

TISM Top Ten: Thoughts On The Candidates II

Father And Son

Hear the cry ring to the Moorabbin sky,
Nothing can stop it:
Winmar, Winmar, Winmar to Lockett!

Objectively? Dunno. But this track gives me goosebumps every time I hear it. This track is planted solidly in late eighties Melbourne, and even more specifically appeals to St Kilda supporters who went to Moorabbin during those final dark years. I was one; this track belongs to me. It's one of TISM's strengths that their songs are so anchored in their time, and probably a weakness as well. They were never going to succeed in America.

As the highlight of an otherwise bog-standard album, and a sentimental favourite, this has every chance of slipping into the list.

Mr Ches Baragwanath, State Auditor-General

There ain't nothing colder than a tap on the shoulder and a voice of authority says:
"Name's Baragwanath, I'll cut you in half - my friends they call me Ches."

The music's not great. The lyrics are amusing. Best song about a public official? I believe so.

Hard to make a case for this.

Never Mind The Bollocks, Here's The House Of Representatives

Questions without notice
Are burning in my soul -
When you're in a double dissolution
There's no time for rock'n'roll.

A magical two minutes, forty-one seconds of dance-rock; soon will come Machiavelli. 'Gimme gimme gimme bicameral legislature' is probably TISM's best bridge ever. My foot won't stop tapping when I listen to this.

A really good track on a strong EP. Good tip for the top five.