Sympathetic Stupid

Friday, August 05, 2005

Saints v Cats

The executive summary is: 31 scoring shots to 15. In practice, it was only a 41 point margin. 13.18 is wasteful in the extreme. But it was a tough match, and the points are safe.

The good bit: Aaron Hamill showed that, despite missing the last quarter, lacking match fitness, he's as good as ever. 4.1 and about 8 contested marks, and a lot of the granite that he shows when playing well.

The bad bit: Apart from the kicking, Maxie going down with a hamstring. He's really very important, and now he won't be back until into the finals; if we get there.

Best: Hamill, Hayes, Riewoldt, in that order. Hayes will win the best and fairest; he's played 19 good games out of 21.