Sympathetic Stupid

Saturday, August 06, 2005

Nick Larkins & The Bones @ The Rob Roy

Now this, as compared to the Epicure gig, was just a real fun rock gig. Nick Larkins, on guitar and vocals, and Phil Collings, on drums and occasional backup vocals, rocked the small crowd in Fitzroy. Some originals, some covers. The closer was the obligatory ironic Hit Me Baby One More Time which still couldn't touch the Mr Bungle version; but what can?

The support was Catnip, who provided a complete contrast. Slow, atmospheric, laid-back pieces. They're a three piece, a smooth contralto backed by a drums and guitar. The drummer had brilliant touch and consideration for the music, getting to all corners of the kit to really give the tracks space. An interesting band, though definitely not one you'll be hearing on commercial radio or even JJJ anytime soon.