Sympathetic Stupid

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

New Buffalo: The Last Beautiful Day

'Recovery. Looks like it's gonna be OK. It's a new day.'

Sally's beautiful, expressive voice has me actually believing that everything will be fine. The track wanders along, always moving, everything unobtrusive and perfectly measured.

And then we're slowing up, easing into I've Got You And You've Got Me (Song Of Contentment), and she's making me cry with wistful longing and loss.

This is truly an amazing album. It's beautifully produced, with clarity and plenty of space for the main attraction; Sally's voice. The backing is provided by a bit of everything, mostly acoustic but a bit of synth and electric guitar. I especially like the strings and brass which wander through the tracks, doing their bit for the black and white movie feel.

I get the impression of Sally wandering through the world, that I'm inside her head with her internal monologue, as she navigates the sea of relationships.

This hit me in just the right spot. Though I probably should try not to cry at work.