Sympathetic Stupid

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Guns, Drugs, Sex and a Psychiatrist

The long wait for the next season of The Sopranos is nowhere near over. March 2006 still seems a long long way away. But there's some good news, see the Age.

Eight more episodes in a mini-seventh season? Excellent. But they have to contain Gandolfini. Have to. Because without Gandolfini, there's no Bracco. And everyone knows she's the best character.

Sure, it's easy to write him out. He's a mob boss, he can get killed or arrested in a flash. Simple. But then who takes over? Chrissy? Hey, I like Imperioli. And he could use a psychiatrist. But it's too implausible. It would have to be either Carmela or Junior. Nah, I hate it.

I'll tell you who would have worked: Steve Buscemi. Shame he didn't stay around longer.

So listen up, Chase. Pay Gandolfini What He Wants. Simple as that.

In other Sopranos news, apparently the producers are leaving. 'They are reportedly concentrating on their new HBO series, "Powerball", about a family that wins a $300 million lottery jackpot.'

Wow, that sounds just vaguely familiar.

It'll fail. If it's only as bad as Las Vegas, I'll be surprised.