Sympathetic Stupid

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Dead Frenchmen: When Ghosts Take Over

Got this one cause they've got a gig tomorrow night and I needed to know whether I should go. The other option is Glenn from Augie March in a solo show. Dead Frenchmen are supported by Dragonlord who are buzzing so they might come out on top. But Glenn never plays solo.


Anyway, the EP. Haven't heard any Dead Frenchmen before, but the cliched comparison is to Franz Ferdinand and Interpol; two fairly competent bands. And yeah, it's apt. They play their instruments well and have a coupla good songs. Driving guitar lines, dirgey Smiths-style vocals, it's all there.

Politics is the stand-out track. Good groove, anthemic chorus. And the video clip makes itself; grab some tapes of Question Time and throw the track over the top. 'So stop debating the politics, cause you can't get your kicks other ways. And I know you bide your time while the blind lead the blind anyway.'

Tokyo's not a bad track (or city, from what I hear, see Serepax). Yeah, the lyrics don't mean anything, but everyone can't be Sally Seltmann. When Ghosts Take Over, the title track is their epic, at a whopping 4:43. Again, not a bad track, though seems to lack a little inspiration. And the quality drops marginally from there. Though the slightly post-punk Sleep Of Reason does finish in a decent if overlong breakdown.

Not a bad debut. I reckon they'll do a pretty good gig. I'm leaning that way. See how depressed I feel on the night.