Sympathetic Stupid

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Clinkerfield + Floyd Thursby @ The Cornish Arms

I missed seeing Clinkerfield on Sunday at the WWWWW gig, but I'm loving Gravel Road off the sampler. So I wandered along to the Cornish Arms last night for their acoustic set.

For a start, the Cornish Arms at 8:30 on a wet Wednesday gives a new meaning to the word dead. There were more people around the pool table than listening to the gig. So they didn't have heap of atmosphere to work with. But anyway, it was acoustic, just three of them (Jimmy, Matt and possibly Dan?). I guess they're country/alt-country/folk if you have to classify. I enjoyed it. I'll be trying to catch a bit of Jimmy's gig at the Empress next Tuesday before my French lesson (which, conveniently, is about 8 metres from the Empress).

Then Floyd Thursby and The Definite Article, who I did see on Sunday. They played a similar set, and were pretty good. Guitar/lead, cello/backup, kit. Not sure what the future holds for these guys, as that was the cellist's last gig; the band will be completely different without him so I'm betting break up.