Sympathetic Stupid

Thursday, August 18, 2005

The 10th Planet

This whole new planet thing is kinda exciting. It's like finding a wholly unexpected $20 in your pocket. Or not, because the planet's not actually going to be useful for anything.

New Scientist had an article about how the planet might be bigger than expected. Why? Because last time they looked at it, the telescope was pointing in the wrong direction. Possibly the astronomer had also forgotten to eat his lunch. And wasn't wearing any pants.

And they polled the top ten names for it:

1. Persephone/Proserpina
Greek/Roman. Apt because there's a Pluto connection. But already taken by an asteroid.
2. Peace/Pax
Because peace is very far away. (Boom-tish!) That'll never get past the powers that be.
3. Galileo
Could be a good go though it's not consistent. Already used for a ship.
4. Xena
This was the internal name in the team that discovered it. I'd prefer Buffy.
5. Rupert
Surely no truth to the rumour that Murdoch sent a memo telling everyone to vote for this... There's actually a Douglas Adams connection.
6. Bob
Works for me.
7. Titan
Cool, but already taken by one of Saturn's moons.
8. Nibiru
Ancient Babylonian, with a good story. But given the recent history of the Middle East, unlikely.
9. Cerberus
Quite dark, like the planet.
10. Loki
Everyone loves Loki, right? Similar to Pluto but in the Norse pavilion.

I'm a devil for consistency, personally, so it definitely has to be a god. Nibiru sounds good, but my personal vote is for Chronos.

I just think it's cool, that's all.