Sympathetic Stupid

Saturday, July 30, 2005

Saints v Dees

Today at the 'G saw the solidly building Saints have a big win over the lacklustre, injured Demons.

I had doubts about the idea of four long-term injuries returning in one match (Hamill, Harvey, Riewoldt, Penny). No trouble, in practice, because by the last quarter when the returnees began to run out of legs, the match was well and truly over. Hamill was the best of them, showing that despite a lack of fitness, he's as competitive as ever. Riewoldt was good without being amazing, taking a couple of good marks and kicking for goal as badly as ever. Harvey is amazing in that he can return after months out and find the ball the same as ever; it looks like he could play another four years, at this rate. Penny was, as expected, the worst of them, playing on Robertson who was too fast for him. But he'll improve.

My player of the day was Brett Voss. He's had an up and down year, but today he played the whole game in the backline (except when he wandered forward for a goal), and showed that that's where he has to be. He's great at zoning off his man and helping out. He had a low possession count, but his one-percenters made the day, spoils, tackles, shepherds. When he's playing like this, he makes the backline.

The three who were most disappointing were Montagna, Jones and Guerra. Superficially they did OK (Joey with 3 goals), but this was in a team playing well. They'll be first against the wall when the revolution comes.

So, a great game, and not only because we won by 88 points. I don't think Melbourne were that good, though, and they had a lot of injuries, so Geelong next week may be a tougher test.