Sympathetic Stupid

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Saints Resign!

Sorry, that should be re-sign. Thanks to Tim Webster for pointing it out.

Well, they've done the hard things. Say what you like about G Thomas (and I will), but he's managed to convince a shedload of good players to stay at the club for peanuts. That's Kossie, Hudghton, Ball, Dal Santo, Hayes, Riewoldt, Jones, Baker, Maguire, Penny, Goddard, at least, over the last couple ofyears.

All that's left, as far as I can see, are X and R Clarke, and Gehrig. It's unlikely that the brothers will leave, unless they could guarantee a package deal, because I think they want to play together, so that should be easy negotiating.

Fraser's interesting. He'll probably play on for a year, two at the outside, but he won't be on $500k. The other option would seem to be retirement, as I don't think he'd have the motivation to attempt to establish himself at a new club. Either way, he's not the biggest loss, as our side looks at the moment. We've got a surfeit of tall forwards; Kossie or Riewoldt or Hamill or Ackland can all play down there. While Gehrig is a very good player, he's not irreplacable.

Again, the hard things are done. Now they just have to put it together again on the field. If there's no premiership in the next two years, the side is guaranteed to disintegrate.