Sympathetic Stupid

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Neighbours Postmodern Week

It's the 20th anniversary of Neighbours. To celebrate, they're doing some weird drugs down in the story hole. Kimberley Davies (Annalise) is wandering around looking sorta superfluous (not to mention seriously plastic) with a video camera; she's making a documentary? No Kylie or Jason, but a shedload of stars are returning. Delta, Craig McLachlan, Holly Valance, Jesse Spencer. Kym Valentine. Wow.

But what I liked was last night's ep which had Lance returning (from Queensland? Probably). The writers threw up this big running gag about how Connor was swapped in as Toadie's sidekick at the same time that Lance was swapped out. To paraphrase Annalise: 'I always get you two mixed up, you're so similar.' And they kept harping on it.

Very clever. I might have to make sure I catch a few episodes this week. Not to mention they're building up to something big...