Sympathetic Stupid

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Dumb Football Media

Len Johnson says 'St Kilda maintained its charge towards the top four positions'. Paul Gough says St Kilda has 'clearly turned its season around'. The bookies say the Saints have 're-emerged as outright second favourite for the flag'.

Yes, Paul, they did win their 'past four matches by an average of ten goals'. But I'll tell you why that shouldn't be taken as a 'return to form'.

St Kilda's last six games have been against Carlton (16th), Hawthorn (15th), Collingwood (14th), Essendon (13th), the Bulldogs (12th), and Richmond (9th). Wow, five wins against six of the worst teams in the competition!

Let's not get carried away. OK, we've had some wins. But, with St Kilda, it's always a false dawn. This time, the glow on the horizon is probably G Thomas and R Butterss marauding through Moorabbin with flamethrowers, inhuming the 'training services' department.

The latest injuries could prove to be some of the most crucial. X Clarke has become a fairly important part of the side, in the small defender role. His run from defence is more than useful. Aussie replaces him; he's out of form.

Most importantly, big Ackland has been a revelation, contesting solidly around the ground, and being smart enough to kick goals. It's not bad that his absence sends Kosi into the ruck. But it is bad that Kosi's absence sends Riewoldt and Hamill straight into key forward positions. They're both underdone and can't be relied upon. Gehrig's dropping sitters. Goals will have to come from Milne and Guerra; possible, but not likely, as they're not the most consistent players in the league.

And Melbourne are under pressure from all sides. Just when I hate playing decent sides. Daniher's a good coach. He'll get them up. Guaranteed.